Weirdest tourist attractions in Britain

Every country has its own unusual tourist attractions and UK is no exception. There are many weird attractions in Britain and, as different as they are, they lure visitors. Each and every one of them is special in their own way.

Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton

A skeleton is a strong start for this list, right? In the main building of London’s University College you can find the dressed skeleton of philosopher and reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). His head is covered in wax and the rest of his body that decayed was restored. Keep in mind that the philosopher asked to be displayed in such manner (and have his body dissected).

The smallest house in Britain

Measuring only 3 x 1.8 metres, this house can be visited in Conwy, Wales. The house was declared unfit for human dwelling in 1900. It opened to the public years after that and since then, it continues to lure tourists until today.

The Dog Collar Museum

Over 100 dog collars are exhibited at this interesting museum in Leeds. The Dog Collar Museum houses dog collars that go way back, as well as new, modern and fashionable dog collars. Definitely a museum to consider when in the area if you want to see something special.

The Cumberland Pencil Museum

Passionate about pencils? Interested in their history? In that case, the Cumberland Pencil Museum might be just the place for you. Home of the first pencil – the museum houses the World’s Longest Coloured Pencil and a pencil that included a small map that was used by aviators during World War 2. In addition, visitors can see a detailed presentation of the pencil-making process.

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The Cumberland Pencil Museum
The Cumberland Pencil Museum

photo by Steve Daniels on Wikipedia

British Lawnmower Museum

Another peculiar museum in the UK is the British Lawnmower Museum. Featuring more than 300 restored exhibits of garden machinery over the last 200 years, this museum has become a reference point when it comes to (vintage) lawnmowers.

The Traffic Light tree

Eight metres tall and containing 75 sets of lights, each controlled by computer, the Traffic Light tree was created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant for a competition. It is spectacular, especially at night. In a 2005 survey, Traffic Light tree was a favourite for both the best and worst roundabouts in the UK.

The Traffic Light tree
The Traffic Light tree

The Traffic Light tree, photo by Baloncici on Shutterstock

The House of Marbles

Who would have guessed that there is a house dedicated to marbles? Well, if you are near Bovey Tracey (Devon) then you should take a moment and visit The House of Marbles. With free admission and free parking, this museum of glass, games, and marbles allows its visitors to understand how it’s all made – plus, there is a restaurant where they can take a moment to relax.

In the end, it is hard to say which the weirdest one is. Some people find them all weird but some may find it common and familiar. As they say, weirdness is in the eye of the visitor. Each one is definitely worth a visit, especially since it is easy to get to. Car rentals in UK can be booked for trips to these places or you can use your own vehicle. What weird places have you seen along the years?

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2 thoughts on “Weirdest tourist attractions in Britain

  • 12 June, 2015 at 23:12

    These are fun! Have you ever been to the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum? It used to be part of the London Pass and we did it since we were in the area. It was pretty cute, but small and cramped. Lots of fun teapots though.

  • 21 June, 2015 at 10:16

    What a great idea for a post! Some of the attractions sound really fun – like pencils museum for example. And the Traffic Lights Tree – I am sure looks amazing at night! Since we live in the UK I might be tempted to visit some of the places on the list – thanks for the tips!


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