How to get through your first long-haul flight

Flying is amazing, but the first long-haul flight might be challenging, especially if it is your first flight ever. But don’t worry, as there are some tips to help you get through your first long-haul flight.

In my opinion, the first and most important tip is to be mentally prepared. This means being aware that it will be a long journey. But, don’t focus on the flight itself, but on the wonderful things you’ll do/see in the place you are going to. Whether you’re taking the long-haul flight for a business trip or for leisure, there is something there that made you take this trip. Focus on that.

If you are nervous, don’t drink too many coffees or caffeine products. Have some noise-cancelling head- or earphones to help you with the engines’ noise. Also, bring some entertainment options: books, magazines, music on the phone, a laptop with some movies perhaps (though the aircraft might be equipped with such options).

Book your seat in advance – do an on-line check-in and choose a seat that is better for you – avoid traveling on the sunny side of the airplane if you don’t like it, for instance.

While flying, enjoy the amazing landscapes – it doesn’t matter where you go, there will definitely be something beautiful to see: amazing blue waters, mesmerizing mountains, green landscapes, etc.

If you are going somewhere with a different time zone (and if you take a long-haul flight you’ll definitely be going somewhere with a different time zone), try to get some sleep in the airplane if you can. This will make things easier for you when you land. But this is a big if, as not everyone can sleep in an airplane.

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I am also inviting you to find out more information about these flights from this guide to getting through your first long-haul flight infographic compiled by Netflights.

Guide to long-haul flights #infographic


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