8 travel scams from Europe – and how to avoid them

Traveling is wonderful, but those who travel should always pay attention to travel scams and try to avoid them. A good way to do that is to do a comprehensive research regarding the destination country/city you’ll visit so that you’ll know what to expect.

That’s not a guarantee that you won’t be fooled by anyone, but it is a guarantee that you’ll be warned and know what to expect.

Yes, I admit I don’t understand people who try to con others, but that’s just me. And yes, my husband says I’m an idealist. Maybe I am. The harsh reality is that these people exist and that they are set to get you. And looking like a tourist won’t help – it will lure them toward you. But this does not mean that you have to fall in their trap.

This is why I’m recommending you to do your research prior to your travels – no matter where you go.

Europe is an amazing continent. It is also home to numerous travel scams and the infographic compiled by AIG shows you some of these traps in several countries.

The infographic covers travel scams that are happening now in Italy, Czech Republic, France, Spain, and more.

Some of the travel scams have tips that are valid worldwide – for instance don’t change currency on the street, only use official banks/offices. This tip is included for Hungary, but it is also valid for Romania or any other country, I’d never use someone on the street to change money! I’d look for an ATM, a bank or an exchange office, but never someone on the streets.

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Also, don’t forget that these con artists always come up with new travel scams – so make sure you look for older and newer travel scams so that you won’t be taken by surprise.

In the end, I can only wish you to never ever be fooled by any travel scam.

8 travel scams from Europe – and how to avoid them #infographic


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