Top 10 Best Posts on Travel – Moments in Time in 2011

It is already December 30th. Another year almost done. Time to look back and see what posts had the most readings here on this blog.

I must admit that for me 2011 was a year with not so many travels, but with my biggest accomplishment ever: my son being born. My husband, however, managed to have a year with many travels – with his job. And with a great experience- soon to be shared here – in South Africa.

Looking over my traffic stats from WordPress and Google Analytics I see that the top 10 best posts here, on Travel – Moments in Time, are:

1. Khongoryn Els – the Singing Dunes (literally!) – Gobi Desert – Mongolia

This is a special thing indeed. An amazing sound (in the post there is a video included).

Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 3
Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 3

2. Bears’ cave a must visit!

A rather sad story of an amazing cave. I’m recommending it!

Bears' Cave - Romania

I have to say also that the day I posted this article was the day with the highest traffic ever on this blog!

3. (Strange new) Law in Mexico: marriages contracts for two years (with the possibility to renew it)

This curiosity attracted many visitors from the day it was posted in October 2011 (and it is on the 3rd place in most read posts!).

4. Top ten interesting cities to visit in 2012

Here is an interesting article with top 10 cities to visit in 2012, unusual cities featured in two of the most well known tops in travel industry.

Darwin - Australia
Darwin - Australia

5. A new traveler in the family: meet Eric Radu Cristian

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Yes, this was also a very read and liked post from my blog. In the meanwhile Eric is now 6 months old and after seeing a bear,

(read A day trip, bear encounter and some adventures for info), we took him also to take fresh air in one day trips at the field (see here)

along with Maxie, of course 😉

6. Barcelona Nocturna, an article by Lavinia, was also very appreciated. And, reading it, you’ll see why!

7. Ybor City – from hard day work to hard night party, a guest post by Dumitrita, was also very appreciated – for the story, I’m sure, and for the photos!

Ybor City train line

8. The road where it is illegal to fasten you seatbelts and drive below 50 km/h is another curiosity that attracted many visitors since it’s publishing.

9. Top 37 interesting statues and public places in the world was also very accessed here. I can only recommend you to read it 🙂

De Vaartkapoen - Brussels, Belgium

10. The forest temple: La Sagrada Familia – another great place to visit when in Barcelona, another excellent and documented article by Lavinia. A must read!

Birth Facade

I think however that all the articles had something special. I want to thank again to all the contributors and also to all of you, readers for a great year 🙂

Until new travel articles I’m recommending you these top 10 – read the ones you’ve missed.

What article from this blog do you prefer?


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Posts on Travel – Moments in Time in 2011

  • 31 December, 2011 at 10:39

    Sounds like Barcelona was one of your hits. It is a great city to live in. Let us know when you are coming again.

    • 2 January, 2012 at 12:48

      Yes, it was a great hit here 😉 I’ll give you a sign when I’ll be in Barcelona 😉


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