Khongoryn Els – the Singing Dunes (literally!) – Gobi Desert – Mongolia

There are many incredible places on Earth and many amazing experiences created by the nature.

While the Mongolian legends say that the desert is magic for it speaks, singing the bravery acts of the ancestors, the science agrees and proves that there is a part in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, that literally sings. The name is also relevant: Khongoryn Els – the Singing Dunes.

Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 1
Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 1

How is that possible?

Well, legends aside, it seems that the sand particles in this particular area of the desert are round and smooth. When the wind blows it creates a magical sound and it seems that the dunes are really singing.

This is quite an experience for the first time visitor! (and not only, I might add)

Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 2
Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 2
Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 3
Khongoryn Els - the Singing Dunes 3

The Khongoryn Els are up to 200m tall and many km long and they attract many visitors each year.

To convince you that the dunes really sing I’m inviting to see a video.

Have you visited these singing dunes? Did you liked Khongoryn Els in the Gobi Desert? Were you impressed?
Are you planning a visit there soon?

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