An amazing feeling: Seeing the Birds Flying BELOW us

Last year a truly amazing road was open in Romania: Transalpina. We went on a day trip and had a truly great experience crossing it. It has many curves and goes as high as 2145 m, thus being the highest road in Romania.

I’ll tell you more about it in a following post – but until then I wanted to share with you a truly great feeling my husband and I had.

We were staying on a plateau for a few minutes – above 2.000 meters – and just admiring the landscape as we saw a bird – an eagle I think it was – flying BELOW us. We could literally see his back! as he was letting himself carried by wind.

That moment right there was an awesome moment, an unforgettable memory!

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Transalpina Romania - Highest road 2145 m

We plan to go on the Transalpina in other years too – especially since Eric was almost one year old so he couldn’t really grasp the greatness of the experience and as the road is truly beautiful. As I mentioned I’ll present it in a future post – with many photos. See today’s post as a mere preview 😉

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Transalpina, Romania

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