Microscopic View of Tenerife Life

Tenerife is known in the world as one of the most populated island in Spain.  For this reason, expect this place to be colorful when it comes to the people’s culture and history.  Spain is a spicy country, not only terms of food but also the life of the people. A microscopic view of the Tenerife life will open the floodgates of experience to a new world stationed at the most ancient geographical part of Spain.

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Holidays in Tenerife.

The life of a tourist in Tenerife is never boring. Known for its great beaches and scenic views of nature, Tenerife offers a wide array of activities that will surely keep the tourist’s itinerary booked. From day to night, holidays in Tenerife offers countless activities that the tourist can dip into. The tourist can cool themselves in the beach. After soaking in the beaches, why not try to experience the buzzing nightlife of Tenerife. A fun filled day and night activity can be mellowed down by a visit to historical and architectural tourist spots in Tenerife as well as a nature adventure in nature parks and zoos.

Must-see tourist spots of Tenerife.

Puerto dela Cruz is one of the most visited cities in Tenerife; cooling down after a travel in the city won’t be a problem. The tourist can cool down in the magnificent pools of Lago de Martianez. Here, the tourist can temper the body heat while enjoying the sea water encased by pools. Literally, the pools are filled via sea with the rise and fall of the tide.

Water adventure in Tenerife does not end there. The tourist can visit Siam Park to experience the serenity of Thai architecture and the exhilarating adrenaline pumping thrills seen in modern water parks. Visiting Siam Park will give you glimpse of the serene architecture that is unique in Asia and at the same time enlivening your taste for adventure.

The best way to end a tourist’s Tenerife water adventure is to experience the power of the waves in the natural swimming pool of Los Gigantes.  The pool is naturally formed on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, this is the best place to enjoy a sunset view while listening to the sirens of the waves.

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The Tenerife experience won’t be complete without a visit to the wildlife parks. The Loro Park or Parrot Park is a must-stop for animal lovers. It is home to many species of parrots. In addition, the park now showcases different wildlife such sea lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, orcas and dolphins just to name a few.

Another fantastic way of experiencing the culture of Tenerife is a visit to La Orotava.  La Orotava is a community that showcases the old beliefs of religion and the modern lifestyle of shopping. When visiting La Orotava be sure to stop by the various tourist spots like Casa de Balcones and the Church of Inception. Travelling the narrow streets can be a challenge for the tourist but it’s all part of the fun in exploring this small and simple town.

Journey to Tenerife.

There are lot of ways how to get to Tenerife. For the international traveler, there are various flights to Tenerife.  Just visit your local airport listings to know the schedule of flights to Tenerife.  Locals of the area or those living just outside Spain can travel by land.  Regardless of what the traveler chooses as his means for travel, what is important is for the traveler to choose the most convenient and safest way to travel. Always remember, when travelling be alert and stay calm.

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