Photo: Chindiei Tower, Targoviste, Romania

On Easter day we decided to take a trip. I posted some photos on my instagram feed, but never managed to share here the awesome places we visited. While I’m preparing the photos and the detailed information about what we saw, here is a photo of the Chindiei Tower in Targoviste, Romania.

This tower was built by Vlad Tepes (perhaps familiar to you as Vlad Dracul – connected to Dracula, by the novelist Bram Stoker) during his second ruling period, in the 15th century.

The Chindiei Tower served numerous purposes – and is used in multiple ways nowadays too. This tower is part of the ensemble of buildings at the Royal Court – Curtea Domneasca – in Targoviste.

When visiting Targoviste, you simply must see this tower, the city’s landmark.

Chindiei Tower, Targoviste, Romania - Turnul Chindiei
Chindiei Tower, Targoviste, Romania – Turnul Chindiei

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