Beautiful View of the Kurhaus in Scheveningen, Hague

Scheveningen was a small fisherman’s village, near Hague, 100 years ago, but today it is a district of Den Haag and a modern beach resort. In fact, this place that lures over 10 million visitors per year!

One of the landmarks is the Kurhaus, originally built to be a healing resort with salty seawater cures and fresh air, but transformed into a luxury hotel nowadays. The complete name is the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel, and this property is the only hotel in the Netherlands of the German hotel chain Steigenberger Hotel Group.

Here it is in the evening, photographed by a friend of mine who allowed me to use the her copyrighted photo here. Click on the image for a larger view. You can find out more about this place on Scheveningen’s official website.

Scheveningen, Hague, Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel
Scheveningen, Hague, Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel

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