3 Unique Travel Destinations to Visit this Year

Every year, people look for new destinations to vacation at which are a cut above the rest. Luckily, the vastness of the American wilderness offers some incredible retreats, all of which are perfect for families, couples’ getaways, and even solo adventurers. Yet, finding one which stands out for all the right reasons can be tricky, and people often discover that the unique travel destinations can be where you least expect them to be. To help you find your dream trip, take note of some old favorites and sparkling, new destinations to add to your list this year, where you can make memories that will stay forever.

The rolling hills of Indiana
Indiana is famed across the world for its lush, green farmland and many other natural attractions. While it may often be overlooked, there are lots of hidden treasures deep within the countryside which rival any fantasies of a fairytale escape. In fact, resorts such as French Lick West Baden are full of unique features, such as train rides through the hills and a wealth of spas and boutiques for you to enjoy. This means you can experience all that Indiana has to offer, from its local, rural gems to its more exotic pastimes by visiting visitfrenchlickwestbaden.com. If you’re also one to partake in activities of the great outdoors, make sure you plan your trip to Indiana for the fall, when the trees take on an orange glow, and you can take some awe-inspiring photographs.

Red rocks of Sedona
The dusty, red rocks of Arizona have always been a favorite among travelers. This is mostly due to the unbeatable views they offer alongside the chance to explore a landscape that nowhere else in the country boasts. However, there is far more to it than stunning scenery. Hiking trails populate the setting, and you can find lots of information online to help you plan the best route for when you get there. For a more memorable trip, there are also lots of opportunities to try rock climbing or relax one of many nearby luxury retreats. These place you in the heart of the rocks, where peace and quiet make for the perfect secluded getaway.

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Arizona - Sedona
Arizona – Sedona

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Coastal havens of Oregon
When people are planning their perfect vacation, they often turn to beachside resorts to fulfill their hopes. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to combine their love of beaches with a desire to have a unique trip. This is why many people choose to go to Oregon, as it boasts one of the most diverse coastlines in the country. One of the most impressive parts of this landscape is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, where sloping, white dunes make up this part of the coast. Not only does such a location make for sweeping panoramas, but there is also a multitude of activities you can indulge in when you are there. For example, hiring an ATV or sandboarding means you can explore the area in an entirely new way.

Sand Dunes - Oregon
Sand Dunes – Oregon

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