Ark Encounter – a new theme park in Kentucky – ready to start

The financial support for a theme park featuring full-size replica of Noah’s Ark was approved on Thursday.

Theme parks are famous all over the world, many visiting them and enjoying a great time with family. This new theme park in Kentucky is also considered to be a success (once it will be launched).

The project is however controversial. There are concerns about the accent on the Christian religion. The founders say that this won’t however be a problem. Zovath’s response: “The more they try to paint us in a bad light, the more opportunities we have to explain the project.” (source)

The video below shows the plans for this theme park (I have to add that in another article I saw that “Tower of Babel, a first century village, theaters, lecture halls, retail shops, restaurants, a petting zoo and live animal shows featuring giraffes and elephants.“)

What do you think about this Ark Encounter theme park? Is it a good idea? Could it be a bad influence or a place to have fun, as in any other theme park?

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10 thoughts on “Ark Encounter – a new theme park in Kentucky – ready to start

  • 20 May, 2011 at 12:22

    I think this is a good PR case, at least for two reasons. 1. The religious propaganda has always used symbols and images to educate the public and spread doctrine. It is a rather old, but highly efficient technique. 2. As the Da Vinci Code has proven, the more you combat and discuss the topic, the more popular it gets. Sometimes bad news is still news. I do not know who’s behind the idea, but it is a clever strategy to teach religion to children and, eventually to bring religion to the fore in newspapers and in the public’s attention. Let’s see how it evolves.

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