A guide to Annecy

The city of Annecy is located in the Haute Savoie region of France. This city has many historical landmarks and is close to the ski resorts of Chamonix.

Annecy Vue générale - public domain photo
Annecy Vue générale

Annecy Vue générale – photo by Torsade de Pointes on Wikipedia

Explore the bridges and canals.

Annecy is known for its many bridges that cross over the city’s canals. The city’s architecture is another of its attractions, and visitors will be able to see the ancient medieval churches and brown stone houses.

Walk around the city center.

The medieval town of Annecy, known as the Venice of Savoy, is located on the shores of Lac d’Annecy and offers many cultural attractions. The Old Town can be explored on foot, and visitors will be able to see the city’s castle and churches. There are several museums in the city, including the popular Alpine Lake Museum. Several outdoor markets are organized in the Old Town, including an antiques market and several food markets.

The Basilique du Visitation is an ancient basilica located near the city center, known for its stained glass windows and its carillon of 38 bells. The Palais de l’Isle is a castle where visitors will find the Local History Museum. This palace is located in the middle of a canal.

Château d’Annecy is a large castle that has now been converted into several museums. The Tour de la Reine is the oldest part of this castle and is one of the city’s symbols. Visitors will be able to explore the three main museums, the Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Regional Observatory.

After touring the historical landmarks located in the city center visitors can enjoy a stroll in the Jardins de l’Europe. These gardens are located near the shore of the lake. An ancient bridge, the Pont des Amours, leads to the Swan Island, filled with swans.

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Visit nearby landmarks.

A short distance away from the city visitors will find the Château de Menthon Saint Bernard. The castle has been inhabited by the same family since it was built, and part of the castle can be toured. There are halls filled with antique furnishings and paintings.

Near this city visitors will find several cliffs where they will be able to practice mountain biking, paragliding and sport-climbing. There are many cycling paths around the area. In the nearby town of Lovagny is the Gorges du Fier, a natural canyon. There are several footpaths and a footbridge that has views towards the vertical cliff, known for its geological formations.

Spend an afternoon by the lake.

There are several beaches around the lake. Plage de l’Imperial and Plage des Marquisats are two beaches located on the northern tip of the lake, next to the city. Several of the city’s rustic hotels are located near the shores of Lake Annecy. Visitors will be able to rent boats and enjoy a boat tour of the lake. There are many sports activities available in this city, ranging from kayaking to windsurfing. There is an underwater tour around the lake. During the tours visitors will be able to explore ancient ruins that are still below the water’s surface. There is a cycling route around Lake Annecy.

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