A Guide to Sardinia’s Towns

On the historic Island of Sardinia, there are many towns and cities that contribute to the beauty, culture, and life of the land. The island as a whole is known for its beauty, natural landscapes, and history. Below are five of the best places to visit in Sardinia along with well-known resorts, restaurants, and attractions.

Cagliari – The Capital at the Bay of the Angels

Cagliari Panorama libarium
Cagliari Panorama libarium

As the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari is located on the Bay of the Angels and is the most populated town area in the province. While much of the island is known for history and nature, the capital is more of a tourist area with nightlife, bars, restaurants, music, and other entertainment. There are many hotels and resorts in the province like the resort called Forte Village as well as must-see beaches and even the ruins of the oldest town in Sardinia.


Nuoro – A place of Tradition

With a variety of landscapes like mountains, valleys, plateaus, and beaches, Nuoro is a beautiful area for anyone that loves the outdoors. The province is located on the eastern side of the middle of the island and has everything from caves to museums of culture as well as exclusive beaches for relaxation with resorts within a close distance.

Sassari – A blend of Nature and History

If you love to see Mother Nature in the huge variety of her manifestations, then head to the north-west side of the island to a province called Sassari. There are some great lodging choices in and lots of hotels in Alghero near the Castle of Doria. There are many ways to enjoy the area with national parks, castles, an archaeological museum, and even a rock that is shaped like an elephant trunk.

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Oristano – A place of Simplicity and Beauty

As a beach lover’s paradise, Oristano has a different beach for every day and is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the noise of tourism in the more populated cities. With a relaxing and charming bed and breakfast, you can start your day off right. The province is located near the ancient city of Tharros, on the western side of the island, which was the origin of the Phoenicians. The ruins are mysterious with two solitary large columns that stand alone with no roof or anything to support.

Putzu idu

Olbia-Tempio – Archeological Paradise

Olbia, also known as the “happy city” by the Greeks, houses the most famous carnival parade on the island called “Carrasciali Timpiesu.” With many different archeological sites, the area is one of the biggest tourist centres in Sardinia. The province is located on the north side of the island.

There are so many sites to see in Sardinia that it would be hard to visit them all in one trip. The island offers modern tourism with bars and restaurants as well as ancient and natural sites for the history and environment lover.

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