And I turned 30 – the story of an unusual anniversary

I admit I wanted a special anniversary for my 30th birthday. I also have to say that I’m not the partying type. I don’t usually go to pubs an clubs. I like the comfort of my home. I also don’t like big crowds and I usually believe that often celebrating a birthday means an obligation for those invited to buy you something. I also saw many cases of “contests” among guests – with “look, my gift is bigger”, or “he/she liked my present more”. I know also people that exercise at home different reactions – so that when they receive gifts that they don’t really like they won’t show their feelings. People that exercise similar reactions to any gifts – and then, at most, send SMSs or emails with “gosh, I loved you present, it was the best/most beautiful/useful etc.”.

I don’t like any of that. I don’t like obligations of any kind. I like to spend my special days with close friends and family members. So, I wasn’t planning a big party, and I knew Andrei, my husband, wouldn’t plan one either.

But definitely my 30th birthday was one to remember.

But not in a way you’d expect.

A week before my birthday Andrei left for South Africa – with his job. And yes, you’ve guessed, he was going to be in Johannesburg on my birthday too 🙂

So on November 17th I turned 30. A couple of friends visited me 2 and 1 day before the anniversary. I wanted to take my son and go to my mother’s on my birthday, but I managed to have some work to do, so I didn’t get there.

I celebrated my birthday at home, alone with Eric (my 4 and a half months old son) and Maxie, my dog. I received some calls – only from my friends who knew the exact date – for yes, I removed my birthday from my Facebook profile too. Of course, I talked to my mother and my husband. And, another nice surprise, my clients also congratulated me.

Well, my mother and those 2 friends who visited me made me some really nice surprises and so, yes, I received some gifts too. But my most precious gift is my family. I was very happy for it was my first birthday with my son – last year he was a several weeks old pregnancy :).

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Today Andrei returned home. Nope, he didn’t had time to do any shopping during this travel for he really worked, night and day. But it went well – and that’s a good news. And actually, our biggest gift will be our home – I hope its building will start soon – right now we are buried in paperwork.

We’ll probably go somewhere on one of these evenings. We’ll also go out, the four of us, somewhere where there is fresh air and the dog will be able to run free (not on the leash).

I told you I wanted an anniversary to remember?
Well, I definitely can say I got one! I will never forget being home alone :))

But you know something? I’m not upset, I don’t regret a thing. This is how it was, I’m happy Andrei has the job he has and that I have my company, the really great clients and the really amazing and loving family! I only wish we will all be healthy and happy forever.


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2 thoughts on “And I turned 30 – the story of an unusual anniversary

  • 23 November, 2011 at 14:41

    Lovely post, Lori. Although I am a lot older than you are (Gosh… I’ll soon celebrate my 50th Birthday, which means I could be… er… your mother…) I’m very much like you. I do cherish important celebrations and that’s the reason why I love sharing these unique moments with the people who really matter in my life.

    You spend this wonderful day with your son, the biggest gift life can give to a woman, and I’m pretty sure Andrei although not ‘physically’ close to you, has been deeply thinking at you. I bliebe that being close is not a matter of space, but of hearth.

    Although late, I send you my gift: a huge, friendly hug, and the hope that life will give you lots of smiles and joy.

    • 23 November, 2011 at 15:25

      Thank you, dear Simon, for the good wishes and the virtual, and very lovely I might add, gift!

      It is true that the Internet offers us the possibility of talking to people that are more like us – no matter the age. I feel you as a close friend – and I’m glad we share yet another thing in common.

      Yes, special moments deserve to be spent with special people in our lives!

      Indeed Andrei was very close – in mind and thought. And as I already mentioned, I do not regret a thing. It made my anniversary unforgettable:).

      Hugs from me too!


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