Thanksgiving – only for the Americans?

It’s Thanksgiving week and actually, more important, Thanksgiving day! Tomorrow will be Black Friday so many (and big) discounts to many products :).

Thanksgiving is actually an American holiday. We all found out it’s origins so I’m not going to insist on that topic. I’m not going to insist on the turkey meat either (in fact, if I must be true,  I have to admit that I really DON”t like at all the turkey meat, I choose always chicken over turkey). So it’s not a matter or origins, nor of the food.

It’s a matter of significations, symbol.

I also have to say I’m not all into that “let’s adopt this celebration, for this holiday may prove to be money maker and fun”. I believe that one should really understand the meaning before adopting something. It’s the essence that matters.

So I have to also admit that I like the idea, the essence of Thanksgiving. Being together over a family dinner and celebrating all those things you are really grateful for. Meditating for a moment to what iti is really important to you.

Maybe I’m into this mood because I just turned 30 – home alone, like I mentioned here. So I had time to realize what is more important to me. And I realized my values haven’t changed. I still put on the first place my family, then my friends and only afterward material goods.

Yes, I am grateful for a loving family – and I only wish health for all of my family’s members. Yes, I am grateful that at 30 I have a great son, a wonderful husband, a loving mom, my grandma, a really precious tomcat – Beauty – and an amazing dog – Maxie. Yes, I am grateful that we are in the process of building our house. Yes, I am grateful for each moment I spend with the ones I like – friends and family. Yes, I am grateful for my company, my clients and the great projects we are implementing together.

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I have to admit that this is happiness for me.

I also have to say that such a moment, of thinking on what truly matters to you, is a god one for everyone – and it doesn’t have to be associated with the American holiday, it doesn’t have to be today either.

What are you grateful for?


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