Andrei turned 41. A birthday spent at home, especially for a frequent business traveller

Andrei (or Ave, as he signs his articles here) just turned 41 (on August 29th). We didn’t manage to throw a party – long story – car in the service, him always on the road, eye surgery not really successful so not a really good mood for Andrei and so on – but, very important for us, we managed to be together.

He is a frequent business traveller. He is away with his job weekly (as we like to laugh, he is at least 800 km from home each week).

He does not get to see too much, but he enjoys his job and the company (and people in the company!) and that’s very-very important to us.

But, as he is usually on the road, birthdays are special if we manage to be at home, all of us. It might sound a little bit odd – to wish to be at home – but for us this is a most treasured time as we don’t have too much together time.

To be able to have the family reunited – child, dog and both of us – is something special indeed.

For some birthdays we manage to throw a little party – this year, though, Eric didn’t have one, Andrei didn’t have one, I most likely won’t have one:) ). For others, it’s just us. Regardless of the number of people present, if we are together, we are truly happy.

I found out how important it is to find a way for all of us to be together on birthdays when I turned 30, alone at home – with the five months old son and our dog. I didn’t want any friends coming over because, actually, I wouldn’t have had my whole family there. And that is all I would have desired.

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But we learned from that birthday and we try to be together ever since in these special occasions.

So, sometimes, and only for some travellers, home is the best place to be on a birthday!

Happy birthday, Andrei!

Andrei's first and only selfie - Bundestag, Berlin
Andrei’s first and only selfie – Bundestag, Berlin


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3 thoughts on “Andrei turned 41. A birthday spent at home, especially for a frequent business traveller

  • 31 August, 2014 at 17:27

    Happy birthday Andrei!

  • 1 September, 2014 at 08:04

    Happy birthday Andrei! There’s no place like home, and that is so true as a traveler!

  • 13 September, 2017 at 13:39

    google brought me here. Thanks!


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