Eric turned 2 years today; a different birthday

Two years ago Andrei and my son Eric Radu Cristian was born. It was a wonderful moment, and today, 2 years later, he is the joy of our life. We decided not to throw a big party, but to have a different type of birthday.

As our friends know, it’s been a while since we all managed to live together – the long story short, we had to leave the place we were staying in (rent), didn’t manage to find a suitable one (actually, not too willing to rent something), and there were so many issues with a loan we wanted to take to build a house of our own on our land… you have no idea! So, until we will manage to find the best solution and be together again, Eric and I are staying with my mom, Andrei stays at his parents and our dog (as Andrei travels 4-6 days a week abroad with his job) stays at a friend. Yes, it sounds strange, it is, but this time managed to make us realise (as if we didn’t already know that) how important just being together, as a family, and enjoying our time together is.

That is why today we didn’t do anything big, or had a party. He is only two, so he won’t anyway remember. But what he really treasures – as we all do – is to spend time with Maxie – our dog – and with us. One of the closest places to do that (and being able to let Maxie free) is in Baneasa forest. So this is where we went today.

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It wasn’t too hot – a good thing for us all! – and, as it is Thursday, it wasn’t crowdy. It was perfect. True, we managed not to have a single photo with the four of us – actually I have no photo with Eric and me from today 🙂 – but that is no problem. We had a great time playing, laughing, carrying branches – as seen in the photo 😀

(click on the photos for a larger view)

Eric 2 years

Eric 2 years Maxie

Later on we had lunch – the four of us – and managed to see two of our friends too (a lovely surprise, nothing planned, we just happen to meet them, in separate places).

It wasn’t a party, but it was a wonderful birthday. At least this year I could walk – last year was after my surgery when I wasn’t able to go anywhere.

The most important thing is to be together and to really appreciate that. So, as we managed to have this, I can only say it was a perfect day!


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