One of the most useful travel souvenirs from Spain

I like to buy stuff on my trips. Or for my husband to bring me something from his business trips. And, very often, I choose practical souvenirs. As you know, I have a fridge magnets collection – yes, there are not very practical items – and I also have a collection of mugs from many countries. Sometimes I choose sweet souvenirs – true, these have a very limited life – such as the Mozart balls and Dutch waffles or Swiss Chocolate.

For the summer days, the very hot summer days, I like manual fans. And a manually painted fan from Spain is what I use right now.

Beautiful travel #souvenir from #Spain #FAN #TRAVEL #Europe
Beautiful travel souvenir from Spain – front

I received it from my husband two years ago and I still love it. In fact, I loved these fans so much that I asked him to buy several and we offered them as gifts to some of my closest friends. A much appreciated gift, I might add, and that’s not surprising given the fact that these are manually painted.

bEAUTIFUL travel #souvenir from #Spain #FAN #TRAVEL #Europe
Beautiful travel souvenir from Spain – back

Yes, a fan is a fan and I am sure that there are manually painted fans made in my country as well. But, like I said in the past, it’s not the souvenir itself, it’s the emotional connection. So yes, each of my travel souvenir is special as it reminds me of a place I visited, a gift received from my husband or from a dear friend. And that’s something special that cannot be replaced by anything.

True, using a souvenir means it will, in time, degrade. Or that it can be torn/broken. Indeed. But writing with a pen from the Van Gogh museum, a pen received from a very close friend, or with one from London, got from my husband, or with some I bought in Paris is special. And, in the end, almost nothing lasts forever.

How about you: do you buy practical travel souvenirs? Do you like this manual fan?


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