Chocolate: a sweet souvenir from Switzerland

A visit in Switzerland without buying something sweet to bring home to the loved ones is unthinkable. There are so many Swiss chocolate factories with tradition and tasteful products that it is actually hard to decide what to buy.
Andrei was recently in Switzerland and brought us some delightful chocolate. He chose the Cailler Maison – and we enjoyed them.

He bought three boxes:

Chocolate - sweet souvenir from Switzerland

The Femina box has seven types of chocolate pralines (not 7 pieces, 7 types). And they were all amazing 😀

Femina - Cailler Maison - Swiss chocolate
Femina – Cailler Maison – Swiss chocolate

The red box, once opened looks like this:

Cailler Maison – Swiss chocolate

Cailler Maison - Swiss chocolate
Cailler Maison – Swiss chocolate

… but there are two layers of candies – 18 pieces in total 😀

Cailler Maison  - Swiss chocolate
Cailler Maison – Swiss chocolate

They all taste the same – sort of a milk chocolate – really great! – but the whapsheet varies. No complaints here though – and the kid liked to choose one drawing or other.

Finally, the popcorn package was truly interesting. They are not popcorn – but special kind of chocolate. Lovely, sweet, different than those from the other three boxes.

Popcorn - Cailler Maison - Swiss chocolate
Popcorn – Cailler Maison – Swiss chocolate

I admit I liked the chocolate from the blue and red boxes more – they were more to my taste. But all of them tasted really good.

Now, to get a little context, imagine that the Cailler Maison makes chocolate since the beginning of the XX century. And that’s not something to be taken lightly. They have experience, they improved their recipes and their sweets are definitely a great choice for a souvenir from Switzerland. And, as a side note, this is not a paid post – I just loved their chocolate and wanted to share that with you – if you want to buy chocolate as a sweet souvenir from Switzerland. (And yes, there are many other famous companies that make great sweets, I tasted this one this time 😉 ).

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  • 20 April, 2017 at 13:11

    One of my favorite dishes: Chocolate

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    J’adore votre article. Je vais l’envoyer a mes amis sur facebook. Je suis certain qu’il vont l’aimer.

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    Great, yahoo took me stright here. thanks btw for this. Cheers!

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    I enjoying, will read more. Cheers!


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