Matryoshka doll – the perfect souvenir from Russia (or a Russian country)

Little wooden dolls, decreasing in size, place one inside of another. Usually 5 dolls. A matryoshka – or a babushka doll is a Russian nesting doll and also a perfect souvenir from Russia or a Russian country.

I have such a matryoshka from Valerica. Thank you!!!! I’m therefor continuing my series on perfect souvenirs all over the world (I’ve presented you last week fridge magnets, including my collection).

She went in a vacation in Riga – and she told you the story here. She also brought back some souvenirs – I got a matryoshka;).

Well, actually it is a funny story. Valerica brought this matryoshka for me, but we didn’t managed to get together. I know, it sounds crazy, but it is true. We simply didn’t had spare time in the same time :). So at some point she decided to send me the matryoshka.

Guess when I received it.
OK, it’s a hard one, so I’ll tell you. In the exact morning of the day my son Eric was born. I started my day receiving this lovely red matryoshka (yeap, Valerica chose perfectly for red is my favorite color).

I love that it is a traditional matryoshka and not one with a politician figure (yes, there are such matryoshkas too).

Growing up, I had (OK, my mom had) 2 such dolls from a matryoshka – the smallest and the previous one. But not the entire set, an entire matryoshka. So I’ve always wanted a complete one. Since I’ve never been in Russia or a Russian country, I was very very happy to receive such a gift.

Giving the origin (you can read more about matryoshka here) I truly believe that a matryoshka is a perfect souvenir from Russia or a Russian country. It is local, it is traditional. Also, it is very small – you’ll definitely find a perfect place for it 😉

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Do you like my matryoshka? Do you have one? Have you been to Russia or a Russian country? What souvenirs did you buy from there?




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