Don’t go anywhere without an insurance

You may not have life insurance, but when you travel you should definitely think of protection and, thus, make an insurance.

I cannot imagine travel anywhere in the world without a travel insurance. I want to feel safe. Of course I don’t want anything bad happening to me or my family and no, I am not a pessimist always thinking on what could go wrong. But when traveling, when booking tickets or right before leaving in my trip I always make a travel insurance.

I see on summer how many people have problems in different parts of the world – usually medical problems with kids or even on their own. Some are saved by the travel insurance. A number to call. Services ready for you. Others have to manage through everything on their own and pay from the own pocket. And guess what: it’s not cheap.

I see online that there are many-many types of insurances when it comes to travel. One type caught my eye today: the  expat insurance. And yes, giving the growing number of people choosing to become an expat, having such an insurance seems to be a key to a safer stay in a country.

Prepare for the worst, think for the best and live what it’s coming at you – right?

Just out of curiosity: do you have travel insurance when you travel? Or, if the case, as an expat, did you have a dedicated insurance? Why yes/Why not?

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