Museums in Barbados

Travelling offers an important benefit: that of discovering people, nations, their culture and past. There are many ways in which this goal can be reached, one of them being visiting museums from a given city or country, especially those focused on that place’s past. Barbados has several fascinating museums that are definitely worth a visit.


Barbados, photo by David Franklin on Shutterstock

The Barbados Museum

The Barbados Museum – at Garrison – is housed in the former British Military Prison. This museum has various galleries, from the Children’s’ Gallery to the African one, from the Cunard gallery to the Military one and so on. Visiting this museum will offer you the possibility to see some artifacts of the Amerindians, the early inhabitants of the Caribbean islands, rare historical maps, various items (grouped in the different collections mentioned above and others) showing the evolution of clothing, habits and tools along the years.

The George Washington House

Did you know that Barbados was the only country George Washington ever visited outside colonial America (in 1751)? I know, it might be a surprise – and the George Washington House shows you how life was in the Barbados a quarter of a century ago.

The Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum

As I mentioned before, museums can offer a look at a country’s past. The Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum houses antique furniture and old cooking and household utensils. This museum shows you how people lived back in the days – and it is definitely worth a stop (especially since it is close to famous landmarks such as Harrison’s Cave, for instance.)

The Concorde Experience

Concorde is an aircraft that aviation will never forget, and in Barbados you can fly one by yourself. Yes, on a simulator, but it is still an amazing experience. The audio-video materials and presentations you will find here, at The Concorde Experience, will enchant you if you are a fan of airplanes and supersonic aircrafts. I admit I am found of this type of aircraft – yes, I love that engine sound. Also, Andrei, my husband (Ave, here on the blog) loves the Concorde airplane so we are considering a vacation in Barbados even more.

The Arlington House Museum

Many people (including children) expect more from a museum than some artifacts exhibited. If this is your case, then you should go to the Arlington House Museum, an interactive three-story museum. Visitors find out more details about the island’s first settlers and their lives, about the influence of colonisation and other interesting details.

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The Sugar Museum

Passionate or curious to find out more about how the sugar was made in Barbados in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? Then you should pay a visit to The Sugar Museum.
These are some of the museums that await for you in Barbados – each special in its own way, each a great experience.


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