Seeing The Sights Of Larnaca

A rundown of the sights and experiences for tourists to enjoy in the city of Larnaca in Cyprus.

The city of Larnaca is located on the southern coast of Cyrus. Being the third largest city on the island with the second largest port and with an impressive airport, it is the ideal destination for a cultural extravaganza. With amazing weather all year round, boasting average highs of 37.2C the city of Larnaca has proven it is a diamond in the rough!

Larnaca castle
Larnaca castle

photo by Dickelbers

With amazing sites such as the ruins of Ancient Kitium, one of the earliest archaeological finds on the island dating back to 13BC; Larnaca is a cultural hotspot for any holiday maker.

Another impressive sight to see is the huge bust of Zeno. Located at the crossroads of the American Academy, this 334 BC philosopher founded the Stoic School of Philosophy and taught there until 300BC.

The school taught morals such as goodness and pace of mind which came from living a life of virtue in accordance to nature. His ideas became very popular and paved the foundations of the Hellenistic Period right through to the Roman Era. Zeno also expressed his ideas in physics believing that the universe could be expressed as a whole claiming this ‘whole’ was God. On Occasion he compared God with a large artisan-fire with the power to foresee the future. His notable career and philosophic teachings gave Zeno the reputation of one knowledgeable Cypriote.

Amongst the more cultural sights, Larnaca is home to 2 important religious sights offering a diverse mix of cultural and religion. The Church of Lazerus, a Greek Orthodox Church, was erected over the tomb of St Lazerus  of Bethany between the 9th and 10th century and was often a place where young brides would pray for their husbands to return safely from over seas.  Although a fire in 1970 damaged most of the interior of the church many Greek Orthodox still return to the sight 8 days before Easter to celebrate Lazerus Saturday.

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The second of the religious sights in Larnaca is the tomb of the Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother Umm Haram. Situated in the precinct of the Hala Sultan Tekke, the Ottoman built a Mosque in her honour, directly on the spot where she was buried. The Mosque still stands today and is a sight of great interest to Muslims and all other cultures and religions bringing in over 2500 visitors each year.

The rich cultural heritage breathes through every generation of the people of Larnaca, and is expressed through their education. There are two schools dedicated to art in the town alone and one dedicate to music. With the economy finally steading, Larnaca can begin to grow and flourish as this hidden gem can finally reveal to the world it’s true colours.

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