Places to Stay in Venice – Hostels, Hotels and Apartments

The “City on Water”, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a picturesque postcard and you want to enjoy your next stay in Venice. Here are a look at some of the different options of places to stay next time you visit Venice.


Venice caters for all different types of travellers. There are many hostels available to suit those on a budget. The Ostelle Della Gioventu in Venice is part of the world wide Hostelling International Association. It is located on Giudecca island in the centre of Venice and is a refurbished grain store. There is an in house bar, free WiFi too, linen is included and there is luggage storage as well.

For those looking for a lively hostel, check out Venice Fish, located in a 16th century Palace. They have an age limit of 40 years old to make sure it is young and fun. They state on their site that if you are not a social person do not book your stay with them. Venice Fish is centrally located, in the Cannargio district only 10 minute walk form the Santa Lucia Train station.


Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo has great reviews on tripadvisor. A 2 star hotel, situated in central Venice, overlooking the Rio di San Stae. The hotel has a private courtyard. The rooms are elegantly decorated with 18th century style furniture. Many people who have stayed there have liked the fact it is a blend of old and new. They can also organise trips around the islands for tourists. The Intercontinental is a 3 star hotel on the Lista di Spagna, close to the central train station. If arriving by train, it is handy to be near the station, to avoid dragging your suitcases up and down the stair bridges. The hotel is right on the Canal Grande and close to the Piazzale Roma. It is the ideal place for shopping and is near many bacari (traditional Venetian snack bars).


There are also a wide rage of . They range from as little as €94 euros a night which can sleep up to 4 people meaning it only costs you 23.50 per person, great value for money.  Some of the apartments have a water door, giving you instant access to your very own water taxi. For those travelling in a large group, there are some Venice apartments for rent that sleep up to 8 people and are located in San Marco, right in the heart of Venice. Many of the apartments come with air conditioning, dishwasher, washing machine, microwaver and internet access.   Some of the apartments also have a terrace, allowing visitors to dine outside.

Venice has a wide range of accommodation to suit any traveler. Before you head over to the “City on Water”, make sure you book your accommodation well in advance, to avoid any disappointment. If you are a large group, you may want to check out the range of Venice apartments for rent which can work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel.

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Jo Turnbull is a travel blogger writing about interesting places to visit all over the world. She caught the travel bug when she was very young, having taken her first plane at 3 weeks old and then spent much of her childhood living abroad. Since leaving university, she has travelled extensively and continues to discover new interesting places on a budget. Follow her on twitter to see where she is heading to next.

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  • 27 December, 2012 at 01:28

    What you’re looking at is Northern Europe/Scandinavia. I bkkapacced around there for a month and had NO issues with a language barrier. It’s really no exaggeration that almost everyone there speaks english (Except maybe Russia, but I’ve never been there so I don’t know).Just a gquestion, but why are you so interested in tours? If you buy a proper guidebook you’ll find out jsut as much information and be able to do everything on your own time. Plus, it might be cheaper. I’ve travelled around Europe both with tours and without them, and I think going without is far preferable!In Paris, absolutely use Public transportation. London and Paris have the easiest, nicest, most convenient forms of public transportation I’ve ever used. It’s wonderful.I lived in Londn, so I’ve no idea wher to recommend you stay (other than you might want to make sure it’s in either zone 1 or 2, because that’s where most of the atttractions are and it’s WAAAAY cheaper to just travel within those two zones than to add on any of the other 5 or so). .Paris St. Christopher’s Inn. I’ve stayed there twice, it’s wonderful. And they do have private rooms.Venice I stayed at Ca’ Danieli, it’s a very nice (but cheap-ish) hotel just outside Venice, easily accessible by bus. I HIGHLY recommend it. the room they give you is a lot like an apartment with a kitchen, dining room, and whatnot. The owner is very very sweet, but be forwarned that she doesn’t speak English. It’s hard to not like her anyway though. :)Also, just so you know, trains in Italy are incredibly good. They are easy to use and get around with. I don’t speak Italian and I had to travel around on them by myself a lot, and I had such an easy/good time. It was great.

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  • 30 September, 2015 at 22:37

    Venice is such a beautiful city with an incredibly romantic atmosphere. You are right that hostels can be a great option for many – quite affordable and full of character. I definitely recommend trying a little of everything when you travel because some nights require luxury and comfort, and other nights are all about seeing the true character of the location!


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