Stinky People Are the Most Hated Passengers on the Plane, Survey Shows

A recent survey by travel search site Skyscanner revealed that the people who smell, those with a body odour are the most disliked travel companions in a plane. Overweight passengers that occupy more than personal space are the second thing people dislike in a plane, followed by drunks and babies and children.

Others to make the top 10 of undesirable seat buddies were very chatty people, nervous flyers and amorous couples.

Are these reasons surprising? Not really, I’d say, for indeed a smelly person is awful regardless of the place you have to stay next to him/her. And a longer flight, maybe a transoceanic one, is definitely a long and very uncomfortable and not nice journey if you are close to such a un-deodorised person. Not being able to feel comfortable and have your space invaded is another very understandable reason to dislike a person – and, I’d add that it doesn’t have to be an overweight person, it is sufficient to be someone who simply extends over the own space. Staying close to a drunk person is also an unpleasant experience.

Babies and children are cute, funny etc. But when they cry and cry and parents ignore them and don’t make them stop crying and shouting they are not so cure and funny at all! And yes, I have a baby, but no, I don’t like other kids screaming loud, and I also don’t let my kid crying and disturb other people, no matter where we are.

“When other people are around you need to be considerate and think about personal hygiene, and perhaps not drinking too much either before or during a flight,” said Dave Boyte, from Skyscanner.

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“I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve never had to sit next to anyone with bad body odour, but I’ve been next to a very chatty person, which wasn’t such a bad thing actually”, added Mr Boyte.


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