Testing Your Travel Worthiness: Are You Ready to Go?

Vacation time is at hand. Whether you’re single, or part of a huge family, there’s just a few things you should know to get the most out of this year’s Summer vacation. Not the least of these is, of course, where you are headed. And, your mindset matters too.

Tickets? Check. New luggage? Check. A dog sitter for old Barkley the family pet? Check. But what about your attitude, attitude sometimes guided by knowledge of far off and exotic places, yes? Is what drives your wanderlust the romance and mystery of place and activity, or simply getting away to anywhere? No matter what you vocational motivations this year, tweaking your sense of the world is a good exercise. Fun too.

See how well you know some travel trivia that may set your vacation countdown to fast forward. Take this cool test from ProProfs Quiz Maker (maybe even make your own).

Were you totally baffled? If so, don’t feel too badly, some of those places may be household names, but they are also pretty far off most people’s beaten path. It’s not everyday the bank manager gets asked about Bora Bora. Maybe you can suggest some even more interesting places on Mother Earth?

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