Air New Zealand, Qantas and Crowne Plaza – Winners of Roy Morgan’s inaugural Customer Satisfaction Awards

Roy Morgan Research just announced its first winners of its inaugural Customer Satisfaction Awards. Among the industries, there is also one dedicated to Tourism and travel and it’s winners are:

  • Air New Zealand –  International airline of the year
  • Qantas – Domestic airline of the year
  • Crowne Plaza – Hotel of the year

This survey is based on customer satisfaction, for this is the main criteria in today’s world, a world that includes social media, instant communication and where each word, good or bad, can have a major impact on any company in any field.

In an article it is specified that “customer satisfaction ratings are collected from Roy Morgan’s ‘Single Source’ survey of approximately 50,000 Australian consumers, as well as its ‘Business Single Source’ survey of 22,000 decision makers, each conducted annually.”.

There were some discussions regarding Qantas – given some recent scandals. Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine, quoted by “Competition in the premium end of the hotel market has been fiercely competitive and customer satisfaction among the leading brands – like Sheraton, Westin, Hilton, Crowne Plaza and Mantra has reflected this competition,” Ms Levine said.

She also said passengers had apparently been willing to forgive and forget in rating Qantas Domestic Airline of the Year.

“We have also seen (and possibly experienced) the effect serious industrial disputes can have on satisfaction,” she said. “But, ultimately, a year long measure can forgive a short bit of turbulence.”

Qantas is registering a boost right now, and has gone up 2,2% in January 2012 in number of passengers carried in comparison with January 2011.

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