Passengers Could Carry Liquid Bottles in the Planes Again

drinking water bottleA new generation of airport scanners will offer passengers the possibility of finally carrying again water or other liquid bottles in the airplane.

Devices should be installed at every airport in Britain and across the EU by the end of next April, after they were approved by the Department for Transport.

Passengers will still have to present their bottles for inspection, but they will no longer be banned from carrying containers of fluid larger than 100ml. Also, passengers will be able to bring their own water bottles onto planes.

I know someone who, when the rule with the ban on liquid bottles was installed, had to leave on the airport several perfume bottles she bought for her sister, mother and herself. She didn’t know about the new rule, she didn’t had the necessary time to put those bottles into the big luggage, so… she actually lost those bottles and, more important, the money and the gifts she so hard looked for. It was a very frustrating moment for her and, I am sure, for many other passengers in her situation.

These new scanners and their “consequence” (being able to carry liquid bottles larger than 100ml) are a good thing and many passengers probably look forward to see them installed and see the ban lifted.

How about you? It was frustrating for you at any moment to not be able to have any bottle you liked in the cabin luggage?

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