Crowne Plaza offered in a trial period snore absorption rooms

Snoring is a big problem in many couples. Because of it many end up splitting up. Others continue to live together, but sleep in different rooms (and, in time, they are growing apart).

In a vacation you want everything to be perfect, right? But what can you do with the snore problem? And renting 2 rooms (in order to sleep separately) is not cheap.

Crowne Plaza found a solution to snoring. Actually, they found many things they can do in order to help couples and marriages stay together.

Between 27th June and 1st July, the hotel offered in a trial period snore absorption rooms. Now the hotel collects feedback from the people that tried these rooms and their solutions.

In this period, the couples tried a room that “uses proven technology to help reduce the dreaded, repetitive nasal noise. The technology includes:

  • Sound proofing on walls to absorb the loud frequencies, deflect the sound waves and minimise the impact of snoring. The walls use egg box style foam which reduces the noise reverberating in the room
  • A specially designed sound absorbing head board that will work together with the sound proof walling to muffle the echo within the room
  • An anti-snoring bed wedge which acts as a body pillow, encouraging snoring guests to sleep on their sides or upright. Lying flat on your back makes the base of the tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of the throat which causes snoring
  • An anti-snoring pillow which uses rare neodymium magnets to create a natural magnetic field,  opening the airways and stiffening the upper palate which vibrates during snoring
  • A white noise machine which is proven to help drown out the droning snoring noise and help sleep and relaxation” as we find out from the official website.
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Many ideas, many couples that tried the solutions – now we need to find out the results. Are the solutions useful or not.

For all those people snoring, such rooms seem to be a great solution for peace and quiet – and relaxation – when on vacation.


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