VIP Fridge Magnet That Lets You Order Pizza in Dubai

An at least interesting promotional idea and a fridge magnet that is not only ornamental, but also functional: it lets you order pizza from Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai.

Fridge magnets are a great travel souvenir, but this pizza place saw them as more than that. I told you I have a fridge magnet from Heidelberg that has a thermometer included. Now, Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has developed a fridge magnet that you sync and set-up once with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Afterward you can order pizza with just a button push. Here’s how he VIP Fridge Magnet works:

Of course, these fridge magnets are aimed at locals – as you won’t be able to order pizza from another company in another city or country. So, it’s a different idea. But the fridge is the place you go when you want to get something to eat and seeing this magnet could make you order food from Red Tomato Pizza than others or eat something from the fridge. From the PR point of view it’s a good catch of attention at the right time.

How come Dubai? Well, I have no idea – but I’m curious if other companies will replicate or adapt this method – this interesting gadget.

Still: have you ever thought of using a refrigerator magnet you can order pizza?

Here’s they’re promo video:

How do you find Red Tomato Pizza’s fridgne magnet to order pizza idea?

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