Keychains – another great idea for a travel souvenir

I think that almost everyone has at least one key. For that key, one could use a special keychain – right?

Why not buy something from a place you’re visiting right now and offer it as a souvenir but also as a practical object to a person?

Such a great gift is a keychain. Practical, reminding someone every time he or she looks at that object of the person that offered the gift, of the moment of the visit and of the country/city/town that object was bought from.

Of course, one could buy a keychain also for him- or herself. You can also have a collection of such keychains!

And there are so many models available in this entire world that sometimes it is hard to choose only one or two from a place.

Yes, I do believe in keychains that, if possible, remind someone of a great place. I admit I didn’t bought for me one, because I always had one from someone dear. But that doesn’t mean I won’t buy in the future. I will actually need one soon 😉

At the moment I have a keychain received from my husband from when he first went to England, London. I liked it so much and I used it ever since (so yes, it looks used now 🙂 ).

I like that the piece in the middle rotates 🙂 It can be a good way to play with it for several seconds ;).

So yes, I recommend a keychain as a practical, special and useful souvenir. It’s only disadvantage is that in time , if it is frequently used (so not kept in a collection, in a box or something), it deteriorates and needs to be changed.

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How about you? Do you collect keychains? Where do you have keychains from?

keychain - London


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