How to travel the world for free exchanging your knowledge and skills

Many people dream of seeing the world, and yet they stop due to the lack of budget. But there are solutions for those who really want to travel. One of the easiest ways is to trade your skills/experience for accommodation – using GoCambio for free. And it does not have to be something very hard: you could, for instance, agree to teach someone your language, or to play to an instrument or anything you’re good at in exchange for a room and even something to eat.


Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not. It is an opportunity and you could take it and see the world. You spend two hours a day teaching your host a skill – to cook, your language, a sport, etc.- and you don’t pay a dime on accommodation! You cannot say that’s not something worth taking in consideration.

I reached out to the people at GoCambio to find out some stats – how many people use this “system” and so on. And I received some really interesting data.

GoCambio has 6338 users at the present moment (and counting, I’d add!) The top countries are Spain (1444 users) and Italy (980 users), followed by Mexico, Taiwan, France and Great Britain with around 300 users each. So all of these countries are just as many opportunities to be visited by any of you!

46 % of GoCambio’s users are male and 54 % female, and they have 885 Hosts , 4180 Guests and 1273 people who are both.

See, there are people that truly seized the opportunity and joined as both hosts – and they receive guests and learn from them – and guests – able to discover the world and stay at other hosts from various places from our planet.

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Moreover, I found out that two members of the GoCambio team are on the Philippines to develop the new version 2.0 of GoCambio which will probably launch at the beginning of November!

I know a lot of people who don’t travel more because they don’t have (enough) money. And it’s a pity, as there are so many wonderful places worthy to be discovered.

GoCambio offers an excellent choice for those with a lower budget and I am sure that everyone can find a skill to exchange: sports, music, language, cooking are just a few options!

Keep in mind that this opportunity is not for solo travelers only! You can travel as a couple – or as a parent with a child too. You just have to check in the host’s profile to see if they accept two persons – or in the chatting area, where you discuss directly with the host and find out more about them prior to traveling.

I am sure that, as the number of hosts will continue grow (there are already many from various countries, as mentioned above), so will the opportunities to discover countries from all over the world. In the end, GoCambio offers a free opportunity to help each other : exchange a skill for the chance to see the world!

In what the safety is concerned, you can find a dedicated section on GoCambio’s website. They verify the host as I see – and I am sure that if you have any other questions you can contact them directly and they’ll answer them for you. There not age limit, no country limit (you can join no matter where you are from) so next time you want to travel, either for a short period of time or as a perpetual global traveler, you can give GoCambio a try!

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