Dinoconda roller-coaster – the ultimate ride

Do you like adrenaline? You want to go on a roller-coaster that really takes you upside down? Are you ready for the ultimate experience? Well, Dinoconda 4 dimensions roller-coaster from Ghangzhou’s Global Dinosaur Town (200km from Shanghai) in China might be exactly what you need.

Two rotations will make you spin at 360 degrees angles. Yup, you read it right. Oh, and, as we read in this article, this roller coaster will make you spin at such angles while it races downhill at speeds of up to 126 km/h, with some drops of nearly 90 degrees.

Here’s a video of the ride taken by a camera strapped to the back of a seat (while officials say it is impossible to obtain an accurate first-person angle as the seats spin too much.

I have to admit I don’t think I’ll take this ride. You?

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