You’ll probably only see this in Romania

I recently saw many articles written by travelers who recently visited Romania – and they were all nicely surprised by what they found here. Now, I want to show you something that you’ll probably only see in Romania.

My country is definitely the only one in the area where you’ll be noticing this – I never saw it in any country I visited, nor did Andrei (and he travels weekly with his job, as you may already know).

It’s funny, it does not however affect you in any negative way, so don’t worry. But be prepared to smile when you’ll see it.
You’ll usually find it at big retailers, hypermarkets – shops that have big sales and work with many banks. Due to the financial system and various regulations, commissions (and, as I am assuming, a lack of “collaboration”), companies have to use POSs from various banks. So, instead of one, perhaps two POSs, as I saw almost anywhere, you’ll notice a bunch of them.

Here is a photo I took yesterday at an important IT&C retailer in Bucharest. Funny isn’t it?

POS Romania
POS Romania

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