Traveling is in our genes – The first humans (the Aboriginal Australians) were explorers (discovery)

A very recent discovery shows that the first humans were explorers.

For the first time in history, a team of scientists were able to put together a genome from an Aboriginal Australian. “By sequencing the genome, the researchers demonstrate that Aboriginal Australians descend directly from an early human expansion into Asia that took place some 70,000 years ago, at least 24,000 years before the population movements that gave rise to present-day Europeans and Asians. The results imply that modern day Aboriginal Australians are in fact the direct descendents of the first people who arrived in Australia as early as 50,000 years ago.”

The same news mentions that the first humans were explorers. In fact, the study offers a new vision on the migration of people.

“Professor Eske Willerslev from the University of Copenhagen, who headed the study, explains: “Aboriginal Australians descend from the first human explorers. While the ancestors of Europeans and Asians were sitting somewhere in Africa or the Middle East, yet to explore their world further, the ancestors of Aboriginal Australians spread rapidly; the first modern humans traversing unknown territory in Asia and finally crossing the sea into Australia. It was a truly amazing journey that must have demanded exceptional survival skills and bravery.”” we find out from the same material.

So it seems that exploring is in our genes. Traveling from one place to another, the desire to discover new places characterized people from the beginning.

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