Sun, sand and Barbados: The perfect recipe for the perfect vacation

Why Barbados? Because it is a beautiful island saturated with tradition and natural aesthetics. The vacation can be spent in various ways, like visiting gardens or homes or sipping expensive wine under the starry skies of this Caribbean island. No matter how you wish to spend your time, Barbados is there to offer it all, be it luxury or comfort.

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You can choose your accommodation from a large variety of luxury rentals such as villas, resorts and homes. There are also several houses for rent in Barbados so you may enjoy the comfort of a home even when away from it.

A Caribbean holiday is intriguing, to say the least. It offers you with options like underwater scuba diving, cave exploration, swimming alongside the dolphins and tireless boat rides along the coastline as you watch the birds and gather a nice tan under the sun.

This is a tropical paradise where even the most unadventurous would find solace and get to enjoy themselves. The Barbados experience is all you need and, once you have a taste of it, you will find yourself returning again and again.

Things to do

Barbados stretches lushfully from a boulder-studded east line to the sparkly sands of the western shore. As we move further towards the Bridgetown, we witness the breath-taking beauty of the colonial bridge and the plantations scattered along its length. The island’s offers an eclectic spread of colonial history, awe-inspiring tales of pirates and their fascination for rum and, of course, some mouth-watering fish fries.

The island is also a very popular spot for scuba diving for both casual tourists and surfers who want to enjoy the passionately sun-kissed waters of the ocean. The list of things to do here is pretty much endless but, since you shall probably be visiting with a limited amount of time on your hands, you must choose wisely and make a detailed plan of things you wish to do here. Also, make sure to book your accommodation from the several available houses for rent in Barbados.

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If you are confused about what it is you would like to do, here’s a list of things you might want to consider:

The majestic Bathsheba Beach

This beach is a real treat for everyone irrespective of whether they are adventurous or not. But no one can escape the quiet charm of the beaches and the craggy cliffs that rise out of here and there. It’s almost like a poem, drenched in images and surreal frames of blue and gold. While swimming is not advisable but if you were to make a short detour with your surfboard then do it. Or you can just sit back and seep in the sounds of the waves breaking against the shore as you let the quiet hum of the chattering locals rise and fall around you.

The Bridgetown and its history

Loaded with sites like Chamberlain Bridge and the parliament buildings, Barbados still is a very historically relevant place. There are statues of Nelson and other famous personalities scattered alongside the lines of tiny bars and the continuous stream of loud tourists and local alcoholics. Barbados offers the unique space for some quality me time even while looking out for new places to visit and experience.

The relaxing Hunte’s Garden

It is a patchwork of orchid flowers entwined with palm boughs and ferny explosions. The sheer biodiversity that resides here is beyond our comprehension but definitely something to look out for. Let your senses take over as you under and along the tree lines and gushfully blooming flowers. Or just spend an hour or two reminiscing beneath a mossy tree trunk as your mind recites your favourite pieces of poetry.

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Ease of having rentals

Those who plan on staying for a while can opt for renting comfortable houses for rent in Barbados. You have the option to choose from the white sands beach condos or the Legend Garden Condos. Either way, any and all of them will inspire the photographer in you and perhaps end up as a permanent screensaver on your phone. The houses for rent in Barbados are exquisite and heavy with amenities to make your stay in this paradise as comfortable as heavenly possible.

Visiting St. Nicholas Abbey

Situated atop the Moore hill, amongst the palm groves and green fields, you’ll find this heritage site. During the period of 1600, sugarcane was first planted and harvested in the island. Those that have visited will tell you how sweet the air smells as you walk to the abbey that has now turned into a museum. The rooms here have been restored too and attract thousands of tourists all over the world. The best thing about it is the fact that the entry ticket entitles you to rum-based cocktails while feasting on the panoramic view of the east coast side.

Garrison Savannah Historic Area

Located very near to the Central Bridge, this place is tailor-made for the ones who are profoundly intrigued about all things historical. You shall spot buildings like the George Washington House, the place where the 1st president of US took shelter during the 1750s. It is also enclosed by barracks and forts that were built during the colonial era. What makes this place infinitely more special is the presence of the Garrison race track. This is where the richer folk of Barbados would race their mares and taste the thrill of placing bets and watching their lucks rise or, more often than not, crash and burn.

The island of Barbados serves as a crown jewel among vacation spots in the Caribbean. So it is no wonder that the place is studded with spots to visit and things you absolutely cannot miss. But perhaps only those with a keen eye and the thirst for travel can have a taste of what Barbados truly is like underneath is sparkly, touristy surface. With its chirpy local, thriving culture and the delicious spread of quirky delicacies, Barbados will draw you in again and again. After all, they say that even the lonely recluse will return a poet once they taste the tremulous seas of the land of Barbados.

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