Fun fact involving Turkish prisoners, Romanians, wells, legends and wars

As some of you may know, Romanians had to fight for their territory. And we had (still have:D) many enemies, fought hard wars and managed to keep our land. Back in the days, there were many wars with the Ottoman soldiers (and we won many fights with the Turkish soldiers!) So, given this troubled history, you shouldn’t be surprised to see interesting mentions of the Turkish soldiers in various historic sites (castles, fortresses etc.)

A truly interesting… coincidence, a fun fact if you want, is that three famous wells in three different parts of the country have the same legend.

I told you here about the legend of the well in Rasnov fortress. The short version: locals were worried about the possible lack of fresh water, so they decided to put some Turkish soldiers to dig a well, promising them that, in return, their life would be spared. When the well was done (the works lasted for 17 years), they were killed.

The Well in the Rasnov Fortress, Romania
The Well in the Rasnov Fortress, Romania

I told you in the article presenting in a more detailed manner this legend that I recall seeing the same legend in another place, not remembering where. I think somewhere in the northern part of the country (maybe Alba Iulia, couldn’t pin the exact location.)

Las year I was at the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara. Another area, the same legend for the well that is now covered at that castle.

Corvin Castle - well
Corvin Castle – well

Please keep in mind that the current territory of Romania was once divided in various parts (we weren’t allowed to unite and be one state). Also, yes, in each place you’ll see that this is presented as a legend – but I must admit I found it to be a fun fact and a peculiar coincidence.

What do you think about this fact? – that there are three wells (at least, maybe there are more and I didn’t see them yet) with the same legend: built by Turkish prisoners who were then killed?

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