The Hall of Mirrors, Versailles Palace, Paris

When I was growing up, we didn’t have many TV programs. But from those that were available, one had a truly amazing TV show that offered really interesting information in a condensed manner on various topics – art, culture, marine life, flora, fauna, etc. When I saw the episodes on Versailles Palace I really wanted to visit the impressive Hall of Mirrors. This year I managed to have this dream come true, so late March I was in Paris and I dedicated a day to Versailles Palace.

Entering the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles Palace

I’ll present this beautiful place in a separate post, today I’m only providing you a glimpse of Versailles: Hall of Mirrors. Constructed between 1678 and in 1684, this room takes its name from the 17 mirror arches facing seventeen windows overlooking the lovely gardens. The room is really spectacular, as each arch contains 21 mirrors reaching a total of 357 mirrors in the hall.

Mirror room, Versailles Palace, ceiling

It is not a ballroom as you could think – given the room’s dimensions – it is in fact a passage room that was also used as a waiting and meeting place. The Hall of Mirrors was restored in 2007 and can be admired by all visitors.

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