Table manners across the globe

Did it ever happen to you to think that another person eating in the same place, obviously a foreigner, has bad table manners? Did you ever think that perhaps he or she are only acting according to what it is custom in his or hers home country? Yes, different people have different customs and what may be rule to you is something strange to another person.

For instance, in my country, Romania, it is considered rude to burp during or after the meal, but I know there are places where burping after the meal is mandatory to show that you liked what you ate. See the huge difference? And keep in mind that everyone behaves obeying the rule of the place of origin.

And this is just an example that shows us that, even if we, as humans, are more similar than we might think, in some ways are very different.

Knowing the table customs of the country you are visiting – and using them – is, in my opinion, a sign of respect. True, if there is a special delegation or visit, then the host can also adapt to the visitors. But, when traveling, we should try to respect the common customs from the places we are visiting.

There are many places where you can see how different people behave when it comes to eating. Famous restaurants or fast food chains can provide a good place to observe how people behave: how they eat, depending on where they come from. Some adapt to the local customs, some don’t, even if they spend a longer time in a place.

You can also see the different table manners used in hotel restaurants – some customs will be OK, some might bother you (loud talk, burping, etc.).

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To show you some of the important differences and table manners around the world, I’m inviting you today to see the infographic below, compiled by Wimdu, that has a series of dinner (though I’d say generally) table customs from across the globe.

What would you add to the list?

10 customs - table manners around the world - #infographic


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