Travelling and the survival and pocket knives #infographic

There is a pocket knife I love. I used it while growing up – at home, but also in my mom’s. grandma’s and my vacations. Yes, we used to take it with us and use it, usually to open cans or to cut something.

After many years, in a vacation in Vienna, I bought a similar pocket knife to have in my own home – a reminiscence of my childhood, you’d say, but, in fact, a useful tool. A pocket knife, as you may know, has various functions such as can opener, scissors, a screwdriver, even a corkscrew – among others. Such a pocket knife is useful when going on short trips, picnics, but not only. As i already said, it is useful at home as well.

I know travellers who use pocket knives, and others who use survival knives. Such a knife has many purposes – it can help you built a shelter, make fire, defend yourself, cut, slice, etc.

Of course that it depends what type of traveler you are, what you prefer and how you travel (for instance, if you fly but onlu have hand luggage, it is obvious that you won’t be able to take such a knife with you), but if you go out in the wild often, a pocket knife and/or a survival one can help you.

An interesting infographic by goes deeper and presents the types of knifes and what you can do with them.

I’m curious: do you have a pocket knife or a survival one with you when you travel?

A guide to survival and pocket knives #infographic

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