Singapore travel: What to expect from a trip to Singapore

You know I always say that it is great to be prepared before visiting a new place – especially if it’s one with a different culture, from a different continent than yours.

If you have some Singapore travel ideas in mind, then it’s best to know a bit more about the country and what it’s like visiting it for the first time.

Gardens by the Bay - Singapore
Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

photo by cegoh / Pixabay

Here are some things to know before visiting Singapore. This information will help you have a smooth trip to Singapore and enjoy each moment of your visit.

Singapore travel: What to expect from a trip to Singapore

You need a visa

Perhaps the most important thing to know (and to solve) is that you need a Singapore visa to travel to this country.

There is an upside though: the process of getting a visa for Singapore is rather simple so you’ll sort this out in no time. There are differences depending on the country you are coming from – for instance there is a Singapore arrival card for UK citizens – so make sure you check the conditions when starting to plan your trip.

Mix of cultures

One of the things to know before going to Singapore is that the country has a mix of cultures that is visible in almost all areas.

From food to shops, you’ll see the blend everywhere. And you’ll have the opportunity to speak with locals with different backgrounds and cultures and to discover the country properly, through the eyes of the locals.

Christmas is celebrated here

Yes, I was talking to a local a few years back and I was surprised to find out that Christmas, a Christian celebration, is celebrated in Singapore. Sure, it’s mostly about sharing gifts, but it’s still fun.

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And yes, you can see Christmas decorations and that special Christmassy vibe everywhere in December!

The food is delicious and diverse

Directly connected to the multiculturalism that characterizes Singapore, the food scene is diverse so you can try new dishes or find your favourite known food there.

Make sure you agree on the price for the meal before receiving it – this is for eating in food courts.

No chewing gum in Singapore

Except for nicotine gum served in pharmacies under special conditions, no chewing gum is allowed in Singapore. So make sure you don’t have any chewing gum in your luggage!

You can use the subway to travel

The subway system is reliable and can take you almost everywhere. But there are also taxis (not really cheap) for when you need a ride somewhere where you can get to with the public transportation system.

Singapore Changi Airport is a must

When you are travelling to Singapore, make sure to use the Changi Airport as it is quite spectacular. If you have a transit flight stopping at this airport, make sure you have some hours to spend here as you’ll have a lot to see and do: spectacular waterfall, impressive interior design, etc.

There are many things to do in Singapore to keep you busy

Singapore is perfect for leisure and business travelling.

There are so many things to do in Singapore for various preferences and budgets. Obviously, Marina Bay Sands is a must!

You can spend weeks in the country or you can visit Singapore in 48 hours, depending on your time and budget. No matter how long you’ll stay, you’ll have your time fully booked here.

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Merlion, #Singapore - best places to visit in Singapore -

photo by skeeze / Pixabay

Having cash with you will help

Obviously, you don’t need to have all your money cash, but, as I always say, it’s good to have some cash for unprepared situations.

Marina Bay, #Singapore - best places to visit in Singapore
Marina Bay

photo by Pexels / Pixabay

Singapore is safe

Last – but not least – on this list is safety. And Singapore is a safe destination – though, obviously, you need to beware of scams and maybe drunken brawls.

But walking is safe, even in the evening.

This being said, I wish you a safe and happy Singapore vacation!


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