Little Details You Should Know about Renting a Car in Palm Beach

You have decided to enjoy the summer rays and where better can you do that than in Palm Beach! But how should you get there? There is traveling by plane, but with the Pandemic still a present issue you may not wish to be stuck inside of an airplane with passengers who you do not know if they’ve been vaccinated or not.

You could choose to go by train, but again you are in an enclosed space with people you are uncertain how healthy they are and the time to get to your destination is guaranteed to be longer.

So, there is only one option that can keep you safe and get you there in time: renting a car. Here are some details that you should know about car rentals, especially when you are in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Most of the Rental Places are owned by Three Major Companies

When looking through listings in the area, you will find tons of places that offer great rates for renting your car and a fleet of vehicles from standard to luxury.

It can be crazy trying to figure out who to go with, but the truth is that the better option to get the best deals are usually with third parties agencies like Miles Car Rental, they work with multiple brands and that assortment allows them to move a big volume of cars, and of course, allows them to give you the best deals.

What these brokers do is pre-negotiate rates with the head companies to be competitive against the other company.

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This pricing competition saves you a lot of money rather than going directly to the rental company and just having one pricing option. To get the best deals, select a car from a big enough third-party agency instead of one directly with the company.

Reserve in advance!

Typically, passengers will make the car rental process directly in the airport and this is a huge mistake, the closer you are to the rent date, the more you will have to pay.

Wait until the day of picking up the car, is going to increase prices because it is possible the agency has just a few cars available or has to prepare one from zero, so they are going to use extra hands to get ready your rent process, instead of to just double check your documents, sign the papers and give you the car key.

The best way to get the best rate is by booking online in advance, most of the pages have discount codes and better benefits if you book directly on the website (for example, they could give you unlimited miles or insurance just to advance the process) and this also allows you to make a rate comparison.

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To Insure or Not Insure

When you get there to pick up the car, one of the things the car rentals place will try to sell you on in insurance. It is meant to be added coverage should something happen to the vehicle while it is in your possession.

Most personal car insurance will not cover damages that may happen when in a rental vehicle if it was not supplied to you as a replacement while your original vehicle is being worked on. The insurance can sometimes be expensive, but you need to consider what is the likelihood you will get into an accident while in Palm Beach, Florida. You never truly know, but if you don’t see yourself driving the car a lot of places, then perhaps you can skip it to save a few dollars.

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Gassing the Car

There are a few things that you will be responsible for while you have the vehicle. You will have to return it with the same amount of gas that it was given to you with. Be sure to check out the local gas prices in Palm Beach and try to leave room in your budget in case of the price increases while you are there.

The only other option is to not fill it up. When you return the car, they will check the fuel gauge and mark how much of a difference there is. A charge will be added based upon how much gas prices are and how much will be needed to get it back to where it was. Expect to pay top dollar prices and possibly premium prices if the car is of a more luxurious brand.

Better rent with Unlimited Mileage

When you’re renting a car there are multiple options, you can choose a car with limited miles for a few dollars less, however, I don’t recommend this option. Nobody goes to Palm Beach on vacation and expects to be stressed thinking that they should limit their drive distance or choose places nearby to go. I certainly recommend renting your car with companies that have extra perks like unlimited mileage. This is an extra plus you don’t have to worry about every single mile and just drive back and forth as much as you need it and not limit your driving until it is time to turn in the keys.

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