Pre-flight procedures that assure a safe journey

Flying is an amazing experience, but it can also be scary. And if you are like me, a bit claustrophobic, then the fun begins. To ease your fear of flying, you should know that there are many pre-flight procedures that assure a safe journey.

in this article, I will show you the general pre-flight preparation so that you know what to expect and that there are pre-flight inspection checklists available for each type of airplane so that pilots can be certain that all flights will be safe.

The pre-flight check is thorough, as you’ll see, so you can rest assured that every precaution is taken and everything is checked in order to have a safe flight.

Meteorological information

The information about the weather forecast and conditions for the route and airfields along the route is checked in advance.
This way, the pilots know exactly if they should expect any turbulence along the way. the weather for the airports is also checked – and as you know, so sometimes there are delays due to severe weather conditions ( fog, wind, snow, cold, etc.) either on the route or at the destination airport.

Pre-flight inspection checklist

Before every flight, a comprehensive preflight inspection is done. There is a pre-flight inspection checklist that pilots have and use before each take off.

The pre-flight inspection doesn’t take that much time if all systems are running perfectly.
An exterior pre-flight inspection is made. The landing gear, the tire pressure, the wings, fuselage, luggage door, and tail – everything is checked.

A cabin inspection is also done as part of the pre-flight inspection. The windshield, switches, lights, documents fuel quantity and the more are checked.

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In fact, below you can find the preflight inspection checklist from National Aero Stands.

As you can see every detail is taken into consideration, and as a result of the pre-flight airplane maintenance and these pre-flight inspections that take place all the time, flying is actually one of the safest means of transportation.

For me, having a fear of heights and flying, it’s reassuring to know that all aspects are thoroughly checked.

Preflight inspection checklist and pre-flight procedures that assure a safe journey


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