Top 3 ‘Musts’ When Visiting Patagonia

Planning a trip to Patagonia and don’t know what to choose from all the amazing things to do in Patagonia? Here is what to do in Patagonia if you only have time for three amazing activities in Patagonia.

These are the best experiences in Patagonia so make sure you include them on your Patagonia travel itinerary. You’ll be mesmerized and you’ll have memories to last you a lifetime from some of the most incredible places on earth.

What to do in Patagonia – the best activities in Patagonia to include on your Patagonia bucket list

It’s rare to find a place that just captivates you after you’ve been traveling for a while.

Tours all blend together and that stunning view starts to look surprisingly familiar. The ‘amazing’ starts to feel similar and unsatisfying.

But Patagonia was different.

Argentinian Patagonia was breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly peaceful, and ideal for outdoor activities of all types.

Truly a MUST visit for anyone and everyone who enjoys vagabonding around the globe in search of adventure and adrenaline.

From amazing mountain views to crystal clear lakes, some of the world’s best hiking and cruises to Antarctica…ole’ Patagonia has a lot to offer the average traveler.


The region is so damn big. Impossible to cover in a quick trip. You could spend months down south and not come close to covering the region properly.

Then when you realize wifi is awful, prices are sky-high, and Patagonia isn’t exactly livable — you begin to realize a quick trip is all you can really plan in the region.

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So we’ve gotta do some prioritizing.

That’s where I come in. After spending over a month enjoy myself in Argentinian Patagonia, I’m here to breakdown exactly what you cannot miss while traveling here.

Top 3 ‘Musts’ When Visiting Patagonia

So without further ado…

Let’s get into the steak and wine of this bad boy. Here are the top three things to do in Argentinian Patagonia:

Hiking in El Chalten

Numero uno…

If you enjoy a good hike here and there, then you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised here. El Chalten is the premier hiking destination in all of South America.

Home to the Fitz Roy hike, you’ll find this world-class trail starts from inside the town. Oh, and there’s more too! El Chalten is home to 4-5 absolutely incredible hikes that could keep any outdoor enthusiast busy for 7-9 days — depending on how good of shape you’re in.

The views are insane, the town has a vibe to it, and the hiking is world-class. An absolute MUST when in Argentinian Patagonia.

Learn more about hiking in El Chalten.

Hiking in El Chalten - Fitz Roy. Discover 3 amazing activities in Paragonia - these are the best things to do in Patagonia, Argentina
Hiking in El Chalten – Fitz Roy

Visiting Perito Moreno

You’ve gotta be fit to get the most out of El Chalten, but that’s not true when heading just a bit down south to El Calafate.

Outside El Calafate, you’ll find one of the most famous attractions in all of South America:

Perito Moreno

One of the biggest accessible and growing glaciers in the world, Perito Moreno has become a world-famous tourist attraction in the last few years.

Here you’ll find an incredible lookout point to admire the mammoth structure, cruises to see the glacier up close and personal, and my favorite tour in all of Patagonia:

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The Big Ice Trek on Perito Moreno

With this tour, you legit get to wear ice spikes and hike around on top of the glacier. You’ll see stunning views, under-the-ice rivers and so much more. It’s truly beautiful in every which way. Highly recommended.

Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina. Here are 3 fun places to visit in Patagonia, Argentina. The best Argentinian Patagonia activities
Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina

Penguins in Ushuaia

Last, but certainly not least…

You’ve gotta see some penguins while in Patagonia. And the absolute best place to do just that is in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Here you’ll find an incredible penguin watching tour that takes you to the main island two species of penguins spend months upon months living on.

You get to walk around the island and get within feet of the wild penguins. You’ll see them waddle around, “talk” to other penguins, and more. It’s hilarious to watch and a whole lot of fun.

You can’t come to Ushuaia and skip this tour. It made my trip to the “southernmost city in the world” when I was in Patagonia.

Just note that this tour fills up fast and is quite famous. You’ll need to book it ASAP upon arriving in Ushuaia, especially if you only have a few days in town.

Learn more about the penguins in Ushuaia.

See penguins in Ushuaia, Patagonia, Argentina. Top 3 fun things to do in Patagonia, Argentina.
See penguins in Ushuaia, Patagonia, Argentina.

Patagonia is Amazing | Verdict

That about does it, folks.

My top three things to do in Argentinian Patagonia.

If you get the chance to visit this magical area of the world, just do it. Take the chance. Book a flight. Enjoy the insane nature you’ll see.

Oh, and make sure you check out the three things I listed above — as you do NOT want to miss out on these unique tourist attractions in Patagonia.

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Que te vaya bien,


3 Amazing activities in Patagonia, Argentina. Discover wonderful things to do in Argentinian Patagonia - Travel - Moments in Time #argentina #patagonia #thingstodo #travel #ushuaia #peritomoreno #elchalten #travelmomentsintime

3 Incredible things to do in Patagonia, Argentina. These are the best places to visit in Argentinian Patagonia. Travel - Moments in Time  #argentina #patagonia #thingstodo #travel #ushuaia #peritomoreno #elchalten #travelmomentsintime

Planning to visit Patagonia, Argentina? Here are some cool things to do in Argentinian Patagonia to add to your Patagonia itinerary. Use these recommendations when createing your Patagonia bucket list. Travel - Moments in Time  #argentina #patagonia #thingstodo #travel #ushuaia #peritomoreno #elchalten #travelmomentsintime

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