Top Google+ Communities for your Travel Articles

Great articles deserve to be well promoted and to reach a wide audience. Nowadays, it is not enough to just write an amazing piece – a travel guide, sharing an experience, posting incredible photos of gorgeous places, etc. – you have to also promote those articles. Sharing them on social media networks is one of the things we can all do with a minimum effort. Google+ is one of the networks I use to promote my articles. I have a dedicated page for Travel – Moments in Time (of course I am recommending it to you – adding it to your circles 😉 ), and a personal account. But I go the extra mile and, depending on the topic of the article, I promote them in different travel communities. Here are the top Google+ communities for your travel articles. I am also recommending you The Traveling Kind, the community my friend Alina from Travel Tweaks and I launched a little while ago.


  1. Amazing Places to See – 586.246 members. “Photography of places to see around the world.”
  2. Night Photography – 368.987 members. “photos after the sun goes down”
  3. Earth – 287.170 members – pictures of the Earth, news, discussions
  4. Places to See Before you Die – 176.227 members. “Discover amazing places that you’ve got to see in your lifetime!”
  5. Travel Photography – 167.737 members. “An Open Community To Share Travel Photos And Tips For All Who Love Travel Photography”
  6. Travel Photography – 101.878 members. “A community for sharing your best travel photography and tips.”
  7. Traveling – 93.705 members. “We are all travelers.” Mainly photos.
  8. Travel– 28.016 members. Articles, photos, discussions
  9. Travel Talk – 22.736 members. “The ultimate travel place on Google+ to share and ask an expert”. Articles, photos, discussions
  10. Places To See Before You Die – 17.558 members. Photos and articles are shared here.
  11. Travel Bloggers and Photographers – 16.338 members. “Tell the world what you saw!”
  12. Tourism News – 14.720 members. “Share your Travel Information”.
  13. Travel – 10.024 members. “This world is so romantic. Hookup to travel around & make your valuable memories.” Articles can be shared.
  14. Travel Suggestions – 9.380 members. “Travel Suggestion for Vacation Ideas”
  15. Travel Bloggers – 9.249 members. “Travel: the only purchase that makes you richer. Travel Bloggers talking about authentic travel!”
  16. Best Places to Travel – 8.506 members. “Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die!”
  17. Urban Travel – 8.091 members. “Locals and travelers share information about how to make urban holidays more authentic and cheaper. Share your URBAN GEMS with us!”
  18. Travel & Adventures – 4.149 members. “Travel with good people everywhere. Any community member can publish the posts here on Travel theme (no more than three posts for one time).”
  19. Travel Community – 3.896 members. “A Google+ Community for the traveler in you”
  20.  Love to Travel – 3.735 members. “For Travelers, By Travelers!”
  21. Travel, hotels and culture – 3.606 members. “Connecting hotels, travelers, travel bloggers, travel agencies, guides and everybody involved in tourism.”
  22. Travel – 2.727 members. “The 1st Travel Community on Google+”
  23. World Travel – 1.805 members. “A place for travel lovers!”
  24. Travel and Explore – 1.790 members. “To boldly go where others have gone before us. Where will your travels take you?”
  25. Travelers and Travel Guides – 1.786 members. “A community for tour guides and travelers”
  26. Photos of cities – 1.1774 members. “High-quality photos and widescreen wallpaper with the image of cities”
  27. Travel Blogger Tribe – 1.585 members. “Share your experiences”
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These are the best general Google+ communities for travel bloggers. There are also some communities focused on different cities or types of travel. You can always search for those other communities relevant for you. For instance, I also use one focused on Paris or on Europe. Which google+ communities do you use to promote your articles? Add them here in comments!


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    True that social media is a great tool to get yourself out there! Thanks for sharing this list!


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