Light show fountain in Vienna

Vienna is a city with many places worth seeing. Walking around Schwarzenbergplatz you’ll see The Russian Freedom Monument (we’ll present it in another dedicated post) and the Hochstrahlbrunnen (the giant fountain).

This fountain was erected to commemorate the opening of the Vienna water pipeline. In fact Schwarzenbergplatz connects the Ringstraße (a boulevard with famous buildings – including some palaces) with the Zweierlinie, a parallel road that provided supplies and transportation to the imperial buildings on the Ring.

The Hochstrahlbrunnen is illuminated at night. There is a show of colors each night during spring, summer and most of autumn. It is a nice show (here at Travel Moments in Time we’ve presented you the Craiova fountain – that is also a musical fountain with a light show – read more here).

There is also a special symbolism of this fountain. It is build having 365 small jets around the edge – the days of the year; in the middle there are 7 jets – the days of the week and in the center there are 24 low fountains and 12 high ones – the hours of the day and months of the year; you will also see that there are as well another 30 jets for each day of the month. Water in each moment, every day of the year!

My husband and I wanted to see this fountain but also the light show. In the first day however we arrived too early – like hours before the show starts. So… we only took pictures of the fountain in plain daylight. But we came back the next day, later of course. And yes, we were able to see the whole show this time. Here are some pictures – the first from first day, and the next ones from the evening show.

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