How can you make sure that a recommendation is still valid?

book_glassWhen in a new city or even in a different country you may want to go somewhere. Of course you may try to check online a recommendation for a restaurant or a coffee shop. But a review may be written at a moment and that place may no longer exist when you get there.

How can one prevent such a situation?

Well… there are several tips:

  • check the review date: Any review on any website or blog has (or SHOULD HAVE…) a publishing date. You can check the month/year that review been published. Of course try to also consider older and, more important, newer opinions regarding a place;
  • check the official website of the place – if the review includes a link to an official website you should carefully check that link too. Is the website still up and running? Is information up to date (news etc.)? You may find out that the restaurant has now more than one location etc. – so you could actually find good news, not necessarily only bad ones…
  • if there’s no link included try to search the internet for hints regarding that site. You may find other reviews, a website (that maybe didn’t even exist at the time of the writing of the original post) or who knows what other important information.

There is no guarantee that what one presents now will still be there several months or years later. For instance I’ve presented here the Decebal restaurant. I know it for years but who can guarantee it will still be there in couple of years? So yes, I still recommend this restaurant, but over time please make sure you try to find out if the information is accurate. I’ll also try to keep this blog up to date – but even if I’m able to provide some updated details about Decebal restaurant there’s no way we can do this for every other entry to this site, especially since we have contributors (guest posters/reviewers) from all over the world.

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