Funny discovery for Andrei in Brno, Czech Republic

Travelling often provides interesting surprises and funny findings that transform themselves in great memories. When we were in Brno, Czech Republic, we had such a special moment. It was evening and we were just about to leave the karting arena in Brno, we took a moment to look at the cars exhibited at the Kart Arena. We saw two beautiful sport cars, one of them being a silver Lotus. The funny thing was that on the windshield on the car there was a name (or nickname). AVE. Nothing special, you could say, but this is Andrei’s nickname since school (from his first names – Andrei-Vlad which he used to write on school papers as AV, read Ave).

Yes, we laughed and took photos:D – but didn’t manage to find out the source of the AVE on the windshield.

Lotus - AVE - Brno, Czech Republic
Lotus – AVE – Brno, Czech Republic
Lotus - Brno, Czech Republic
Lotus – Brno, Czech Republic

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