Colorful business building in Bucharest

Sometimes I try to look at my city from a tourist/traveler point of view. And I wonder: what would be interesting? What would be curious? Out of the ordinary? Worthy to be shared? And then I look at some of the articles I see about my hometown and I notice that sometimes the most common, usual things for me are extraordinary or interesting to others. So today I decided to show you a recent business building from Bucharest, Romania.

It is colorful and, as you can easily see, made in the “modern” style – with a lot of glass. I have to add that it is located near the Promenada Mall (across the street from it), in the Aurel Vlaicu area of the city. You will easily find many other steel and glass buildings in this area, recently built, including the highest construction in the city.

But enough said, I’m now letting you with this colourful business building – and I’m inviting you tell me if you like it? How do you find it?

colorful business building
colorful business building

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