Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone banned for tourists – how far would you go in traveling?

In 1986 there was in Europe, at Chernobyl, a big nuclear blast followed by nuclear contamination of the zone.

The impact was huge. I mean huge!

All the countries surrounding the area had problems for the nuclear vapors traveled by air. In Romania people were given medicines – including children and elders.

That was a time to remember, but not in a good way. It was also a very big alarm signal for the nuclear power plants and conditions (safety). I know that, because in Romania there was also build a nuclear power plant but one that is indeed really safe. But that’s another discussion.

Going back to Chernobyl and travel, I read today a news according to which a Ukrainian court has banned tourists from the site, even though previously (meaning less than a year ago) government officials declared the region safe and opened it for tour.

And yes, tours were offered to any tourists wanting to visit the area. In fact, there were even reporters who took the tour and said it is interesting. Apparently many animal species had repopulated the area so that should mean that it is safe for traveling. So tours started, but were ended suddenly in June this year. Now they are officially banned. The whole area is banned for tourists actually.

But I’m going further and I’m asking you: how far would you go with the exploring part of the traveling? I mean it is your life – and you have only one. I must admit I wouldn’t go there. Not knowing what I know. Not knowing and seeing over the years many cases of children with malformations due to that blast. Not knowing the impact and the technology used then. Not after seeing or reading about the accident.

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Yes, nature has it’s way of adapting itself. And slowly, but surely, every major event is surpassed. But are you sure that you are adapted to the conditions?

Would you really risk your life/health and the health of your loved ones only to go and visit a catastrophe’s place?

How far would you go?


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One thought on “Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone banned for tourists – how far would you go in traveling?

  • 29 November, 2011 at 14:07

    A fairly good precentage of people is enough for buissness.
    Yes, there are people, crazy enough to look for such an experience based on bravery, false information and lack o knowledge.
    But this is not the only dangerous place on Earth, there are many cases of hostages taken in Africa, Asia, etc. even empidemics zones full of nice tourists.
    It is a matter of percevide risks and risks communication. So, both sides are involved, clients and travel agencies.


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